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. you're watching the station that works for you. now, abc 2 news at 11:00. after aild afternoon, skies starting to clear tonight so what kind of weather is blowing in behind the big storm in forecast up next. a wet tuesday will make it a wet wednesday for baltimore county homeowners who live close to the water. i'm cherl connor with a look at the storm. i saw it literally crack and fall on top of the structure. >> if a tree falls on your home would your insurance company hear it or would they still write you a check? news starts right now. outside tonight heavy rain. >> yeah. for the night close your eyes without worrying. our team coverage starts right now with chief meteorologist wyatt ever heart. wyatt. yeah. it was a wild afternoon. we got a lot of rain out there. our main rain is offshore.
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another little line coming through. this is the front. that is now offshore. this is our severe weather line but this line will bring in just a few more showers before we begin to clear things out. how much wayne so far? almost an inch and a half in balt his or her. inch and three quarters german town. stevens vil almost an inch and a half. multiple damage reports for high winds in howard county. carroll county wind gusts over 60 miles per hour reported there. wide spreads winds over 50 so that was the main concern. still have a coastal flood concern tonight for all the extra water in the bay that was stacked up on that hard south wind. that will create areas right along the chesapeake getting a higher than normal amount of water. overnight tonight 57 with a few showers. we will be breezy and clearing. by the way want to remind you don't forget to check out the storm shield app. this is available on your iphone. put in your actual zip code iphone or droid storm shield or
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abc 2 weather app. all kinds of good information 24 hours a day with those. . ticket to paradise on dates like this but the homeowners know highway to roll with the punches. >> turns it nothing compared. a team coverage continues with cheryl connor. she joins us live now. cheryl. >> yeah. it is dried out tonight but baltimore county felt an inch and a half of rain and the same area that tropical storm iz bell tackled nine years ago. . >> if you live you're here to watch. if you live on miller island on a day like today, watching the water isn't so peaceful. >> we had waves that came up, hit the break wall and spray up against the house. about an hour and a half of that. >> did that water come inside? . >> no. . >> there's no doubt the homeowners on chesapeake avenue
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were spreading it. about eastern baltimore county but this is nothing compared to nine years ago today when tropical storm isabel wiped out property. >> we saw water like this, okay, to the house, and then the wave height and the surge broke through all these windows. >> still living lower next to the chesapeake bay. his next door neighbor the roof more than ten feet higher than it did nine years ago. has water in his garage. harry is dry and almost damage free. >> rains were about 3 feet. they were actually hitting the pier and bouncing over. this front end of my pier right now has been pounded loose. >>. >> he'll fix the pier before walking on it and the front of the house tonight where kids have another playground. the park is flood, the road closed. homeowners believe they'll wake up to dry land and the place
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they proudly call home. >> who can imagine 20-plus miles of openness in front of you and be able to wake up every morning, come outside on your deck and go, "oh my god. ". >> you have the good, the bad and the ugly. they're certainly used to rolling with mother nature on miller's island. homeowners there expect the water will reseed by the morning. we'll live in baltimore county. cheryl connor. abc 2 news. the district of columbia became the district of storm damage tonight. we couldn't even get down some streets northwest. high waters and a tornado threat for most of the afternoon. the capitol beltway bumper to bumper. >> it was raining so hard the trucks were throwing the water over. we could barely see where we were going so we decided to just pull over and get under the ride for awhile. >> prince george in montgomery
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county did have a tornado warning but it was cancelled after about ten minutes. so let's take a quick look with hout dge doing with the power outages tonight. as of 11:00 tonight there are people without power. 1600 outages. there are a few hundred in baltimore city and in hartford county. now abc 2 is maryland's most accurate forecast. when we are not on the air check out the weather center on our web site. james. have a suspect in custody in connection with the shooting last week on the campus of morgan state university. abc 2 news christian schaffer has been following this for us. he's live tonight in the news room. >> it looks like a drug deal went bad inside a first floor bathroom of the student center. one man was shot. the other ran out of the building. fortunately people not only saw him running but came forward to say so. >> this shooting led to a lockdown at the morgan state campus last week. the victim fell right next to
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this trash can outside the student center. the suspect ran away. he has now been identified as 20-year-old kelly ellerbee. police credit community intelligence for identifying him, in other words, people who were inside the student center when the shooting happened came forward. >> we do have numerous witnesses who were there at the scene and through talking with us were able to identify mr. ellerbee as our suspect. >> police say ellerbee nor the victim were students at morgan state leading to questions for how easy it is for nonstudents to come on campus and cause trouble. >> i think that certain buildings should be closed off, you know, to the general public. i think that part could be changed. >> students do have to use their ids to get into dormitories but other buildings are open to them and to nonstudents, as well. >> i think try to stop people that comes on campus to our campus, like, some way to protect that. students are identify that had go to our campus.
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>> been charged with first and second degree attempted murder along with assault and weapons charges. the victim of the shooting is still in the hospital but he has said to be recovering tonight. live news christian schaffer abc 2 news. all right. a sharp eye parent called mechanic arthur middle school this morning to tip them off about a 13-year-old boy standing on the bus stop. police greeted the bus and found the middle schooler with a bb gun. he gave it up, but during a search police found a large knife with a 7-inch blade in his backpack. police theen find out the 13-year-old fired his bb gun on that bus stop hitting another teen in the leg. the 13-year-old is now being charged with a number of violations. he has been released to his family tonight. well, he may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time and tonight he's dead. peter marvit was a clinical researcher university maryland school of medicine. police say he was robbed, shot and killed in front of his
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northeast baltimore home, what appears to be a very disturbing random act of violence. >> individual who has given quite a lot to seat and we're investigating this death just like we do any other. this is a heinous crime, and it's typical for the community. >> if you think you can help solve this, there is a $2,000 reward. call crime stoppers at 1-866-7 lockup. we lost another great man tonight. this man over my shoulder spent his life protecting us. ted moyer has died at the age of 83. he started with the state police, in fact, he was in the first class that started wearing the stetson hat and after retiring as a major he went onto become sheriff until 1986. he also wore the uniform helping out in several youth programs in county. you would always see ted and his wife lain at the ceremony and at promotion ceremonys and new
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trooper graduation. major ted moyer dead tonight at the age of 83. well, thanks to a carroll county man was alive tonight. the 57-year-old man was attacked by strangers in his driveway in the oklahoma subdivision. a man and woman asked to use his phone. when he said no, they wait outside his home and attacked him when he came out. neighbors came when they heard him screaming. mrils searched but couldn't find any suspects. the victim has been treat and had releaseed from the hospital. well, by now you know all the commercials by heart and guess somewhat, there's going to be more of them on tv. mg m resorts is planning another $3 million to get you gambling. the las vegas company is hoping you'll vote in favor of that new casino. national gaming which was opposed to the expansion has already spent 9 and a half million so far. it will be up to you, though, to decide in november to build another casino and whether or not we'll allow in our state. >> well, the ravens and young athletes want to be just like
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them so the team is now doing their parts to keep your team healthy and safe. the ravens and sports medicine are now partnering up to raise awareness about concussions. the team gave medstar's concussion program a $125,000 grant to do tests on young athletes. education is also a part of this plan. >> we need to continue to educate parents and young athletes and the coaches and everybody around the youth sports regarding these signs and symptoms because proper management on the front end can hopefully prevent issues and problems on the back end, and that's -- that's our goal. >> you'll be seeing a new starting line back gentleman kneel mcclain also unvail as part of this partnership. and abc 2 news has always been out in front of this, this issue of concussions. we have a resource guide waiting for you on our web site, abc 2 slash concussions. there you can find the signs of concussions as well as
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controversies regarding football players and head injuries. disputed testimony. one of the greatest racehorses this move has ever produced died today. dt was 32 and that he was the older voting winner of a triple crown race born and raise and had part of the family there at the bo knee that farms and all of us with local roots will remember when crossed the finish line first back in the 1983. he was a long shot 14 to 1. testimony was buried at bonita farms right next to his parents traffic cop and proof requested. when severe weather strikes we all brace for the worst. . >> we expect our insurance companies. so coming up on abc 2 news tonight at 11:00, what you can do if your insurance company ends up paying the bank instead
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of you. weather wise most of our weather is now offshore of ocean city out in the atlantic but still a few showers tonight and what does your wednesday hold and beyond? we've got those details coming up. and chicago coming up in 60 seconds, what it finally took to end that strike. anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere. a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is...
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"most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven. . well, the teacher strike in chicago is over and students head back to the classroom tomorrow. >> overall majority voted in favor of ending the strike but still there are some very unhappy with this deal. >> explain the new contract agreement. >> after a 7-day strike, the chicago teacher's union announced teachers are putting away their picket signs and heading back to the classrooms. >> people were actually elated to take the suspension of the strike vote. >> with a 98% vote, the union decided to end the strike and
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move forward with a tentative contract with the city of that means that 350,000 children who have been out of school during this protest are returning to class immediately. >> they knew that they're going to have to give up some stuff in order to get some stuff. >> over the last few days, the strike got ugly between chicago's mayor who called the teacher's strike illegal and the teachers who called the mayor a bully. >> this contract is a break. it has practices and brings a fundamental change that benefits our children. >> one of the main sticking points was the city 's proposed teacher evaluation system. the union said it unfairly penal iedz teachers because it was too heavily based on standardized test scores. the city agreed to reduce the emphasis on testing in their evaluations, but it's clear there's still skepticism. >> just is going to be a big issue. it's going to see how this contract is enforced. >> and while teachers are heading back to work, they must still vote on the contract.
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>> we've reviewed it. we will have the opportunity to vote on it, but right now, in the best interest of everyone to return to work. >> the more than 25,000 teachers in the union will vote on this contract within the next couple of weeks. brandy head, abc news los angeles. well, some new research signalling bad news for the country's waistline. the study says by 2030, 13 states could have obesity rates over 60%. the study was conducted by the trust for america's and the robert wood johnson foundation. the youth government data on obesity can make predictions about the naks's weight. some experts question the accuracy of the report saying it's difficult to predict future weight trends. well, you guys are talking about tonight, it is a hot topic on our facebook page. what do you think about this. well, it makes you want to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle or just continue what
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you're doing. join in our conversation on our facebook page. and our consumers are here tonight. hey, did you have trouble banking online today with bank of america? the company's web site has been slow, even unavailable at times today. a spokesman for the bank says they're working on it. the majority of you were able to access the site but unable to connect because it was so sluggish. the bank still has not explained what caused the outage here today. did you ever make a claim with your insurance company? did they r send out a check for the damage to have it fixed? not anymore. >> abc 2 news tells us why a growing number of homeowners have having to fight getting a check so you don't waste your money. >> if a tree falls on your house, your insurance company is supposed to pay. in the old days your insurer would write you a check, but these days it's not so simple and more and more homeowners are having trouble getting their money. >> like it over here, there's a
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split in the stud. >> bill shows me the frame of what had been his garage until late june. that's when the storm left his neighborhood looking like this. >> i saw it literally crack and fall on top of the structure. >> luckily he had insurance. >> the adjuster came out and looked at the building and determined at that point it was a total loss. >> but his excitement over receiving a check for 18 fwrand for repairs quickly turned to frustration. >> did you get a check for 18,000? . >> yes, i did. it was made out to myself, my wife, and my mortgage company, p & c mortgage. >> the problem he says that p & c mortgage gave him just $600 to remove the tree. he says without the rest of the money, he can't fix the garage. >> they pretty much want me to do the structure get inspected before they release the money. well, i can't do that because they have the money i need to repay to rebuild the structure. >> so we contacted p & c mortgage and the bank agree today release the rest of the
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check saying it was a misunderstanding, but p & c says it's now common for insurance checks to go to the mortgage holder instead of the homeowner who sometimes keeps the money and skips the repairs, but you can ask your agent to have the money sent directly to a contractor, which can ensure that you don't end up like them waiting and waiting. my advice before your insurance company cuts a check for any repair, make sure you come to an understanding with your agent about exactly how much money you'll be getting and who will be receiving it, that way you won't end up in a jam and you don't waste your money. i'm john. now, maryland east most accurate forecast. >> all right. it has been a significant weather day here in maryland. we had this large frontal boundary come through sparking showers, sparking storms. now, the system is moving offshore. still getting a little rain coming in on the backside of this thing, a secondary line of showers, but the main storm line now pushing offshore so that is
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good news. maryland's most powerful radar showing that line of severe storms now offshore. it was a narrow band and at times we had winds above that narrow band 80, 90 miles per hour just a thousand feet up. thankfully most of our peak gusts remain below 60 miles per hour and very little in the way of tornado activity. there's that second line of rain out to the west right now beginning to bring additional showers to some of the rain soaked areas. howard county getting a decent little shower here. shower moving toward the ellicott city area here. eventually come into baltimore city. rain totals so far today about an inch and a half to almost two inches in german town. this was significant. eastern shore over an inch of rain, as well. look at these peak gusts. 40 to 50 miles an hour. that'll bring down some tree limbs and power license, but i do have a theory that because we've had so many lines of severe winds over the summer from june right through august, a lot of those dead tree limbs that would have come down today
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have already come down so that may have played a small role in helping us get through today without tree damage or power line damage anyway. coastal flood concerns remain. that's about a one will remain tonight. we're still going to have tide 1 to 3 feet above normal until the early morning hours so if you live right along the chesapeake bay, southeast earn baltimore county, anne arundel, you have warning. crossing the bay from west to east over the can he not island area today good weather or good shot of that weather today, not good weather. in annapolis clouty finish to today. downpours baltimore itself went into the afternoon. right now at twi we've got conditions 80 degrees so beginning to cool down. those winds will continue to turn north tonight and that's really going to drop. now, almost 80 degrees in the city today. we hit the 80s on the eastern
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shore. look at that cool air coming down the pike. 54 pittsburgh, 56 al tuna. we're going to see numbers in the 40s i think by tomorrow night, late tomorrow night and drier air funneling in now, too, so that humidity we were dealing with today, that very humid setup, that's gone. showers also gone. we're going to looking at a lot of sunshine through today and tomorrow. through friday even early saturday dry quiet weather behind that storm front. overnight 57, just a few showers sunny and breezy tomorrow. mostly 72 for your guarantee. most days in the 60s. look at this 40s tomorrow night. northwest of the suburbs mid 40s. sunshine through friday. warm up a little toward the end oaf the week then as we look at the weekend temperatures going to bounce back here toward the first day of fall. 80 degrees. bring in the chance for some rain here late saturday into early sunday morning. optimistic jamie, very
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optimistic that any rain you see this weekend will be gone by the sunday night game just past 8:00. >> did you say 48? . >> yeah. 48. >> and the game will be maybe even in the 50s. going to be chilly. >> football weather. all right the score out seattle orioles zero. koes bar the blue jays has been hit with a three-game suspension by major league baseball. es cobar displayed a home phobic slur written in spanish saturday. the blue jays held a press conference today to address the incident. escobar apologized saying he didn't mean to offend anybody. the salary will go to charity. more abc 2 news at 11:00 coming your way. >> but first here easterly ma ran with a look at what you'll see after us here on night line. >> coming up on night line we've got the story behind that secretly-recorded tape where mitt romney is making
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. that's the sound of a giant panda cub. mom doing a real good job of shielding herself from the bright lights and camera but in this momma puts baby into her mouth to get comfortable. caught a few glimpses of the panda and say now all you have to do is go to abc2 there's
11:27 pm and click on the 24-hour panda cam. you can see the cub swimming around live. don't waste anymore time. that cub is going to be huge soon. all right. well, the pittsburgh zoo is celebrating a special delivery. it's rhino saturday. the newborn is doing well already weighing 50 pounds. blau black rhinos are critically endangered so this bay si is the first black rhino barn at the zoo in 45 years. >> right off the gate. >> right out of the gate. >> all right. take a quick check. rain is still a possibility the rest of the night, not the type of rain we saw earlier. these are just a few showers coming in out of the west. we'll look for rain in the city here in another few minutes. hey, tomorrow morning you're going to be dry, breezy and cool in the 50s. 70 by tomorrow afternoon, and tomorrow night, how do the 40s sound for you?
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. i think you enjoy that had special tonight. >> it was pretty good, yeah. >> all coming in at number one. >> all right. we'll see you tomorrow. when we switched to fios, we got better tv,
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